Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When no one is watching...

When no one is watching the person with MS, a "sequence of unfortunate events" can be devastating, but is anyone watching in the end? Consider the events:

- My daughter, Lori, finally diagnosed with eColi after a fever and tummy ache. I was at the doctor with her and got to hold her through all the tests. I am grateful.

- The project at work. I think I put everything into that--too much. No one was helping, and I did ask for help from multiple places. And in the end, it's not what was wanted, but there was no help. Now there is help from those who wouldn't give it when I asked. It's funny how that works.

- In the midst of that, there were the unfortunate events surrounding me. The above causes stress, and stress is not good for MS. So over the last week, I felt it coming, my legs getting weak, me getting tired but pushing on. Somehow I didn't let things get to the point where I hurt myself, but I could no longer stand up. There was nothing there.

I called my doctor. I think he somehow understands. He doesn't question why this might have happened so soon after the last attack. I think he may see it often--the economy and stress. MS triggers.

And who is watching? I think God is, somehow. I know I need to rest, and I know I need to do some things over the next 2 weeks. I don't see how that will happen. But I hope that God is there leading me. Actually I know God is there. Maybe the question is whether or not I will listen.

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Clare said...

Wonderful post.
Yes God is always there , but your right we don't always listen.
God is good and never fails us even though we too often fail Him.

Clare xx