Friday, April 24, 2009


It is interesting to me the common stereotypes people who are not religious have of people who are religious. I've been called "one of those religious people" and wonder what that means. Today I really wondered.

Today our church was a site for a popular health fair, used largely by people without insurance. I volunteered and thought a few other people might do the same. I came to the church and EVERYONE from church was volunteering1 It was better than the turnout on any Sunday! I don't think the pastor appreciated it when I told him my observation. And we didn't wave any religious flags--we just did community service. Our church members do a ton of that without waving any religious flags.

So it got me to thinking more about the "you religious types" comments. Obviously people don't see what we do. Yes, we go to church. We form a community. It's support. It can and does feel like family. And we reach to the community. It seems a part of who we are.

And thanks be to God for that.

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Clare said...

God see's all.