Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finish it

Today we had a lesson from 2 Corinthians. Of course, though I shouldn't, I tend to apply these things to my personal life. And since I was reading, I was paying more attention. The lesson to me, in part, was about the fact that although I might not be the best at something--if it is something where I have a passion, then that is most important, and so I should finish it. I related it back to my Masters which, if I do finish, will be in Public Affairs.

People ask me when I will be done, thinking I must almost be there. But I'm only halfway there and it seems like such a slow process. I love almost every class I've taken and have learned so much. I don't know exactly how I will use it when I'm done, but I think teaching in some way could make me happy. That must be because my parents are/were both Professors. Now I'm on a tangent.

This takes forever because it took me forever to define this passion. Then I have a family, a full-time job, and the desire to remain athletic. And then there's having MS--probably the biggest slowdown mechanism. But today was somewhat confirming--yes, finish it. I may not be the best or the fastest at getting it done. But with the passion driving it, I should finish.

Thanks be to God for helping me find the passion, and for in some small way, speaking to me today and telling me to finish it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What do you really, really want?

So much has been happening in life that I haven't had time for this "diary."

This week I listened to a session from a National Quality Conference, video-conferenced from California. The physician who talked discussed having the patient at the center of care (nothing about us without us concept). We then went through an exercise, after which he gave his answers, making us all re-think ours. So here are the questions with my new answers.

What do you want (think healthcare)?
I want to drive my own care if I can, but I want a doctor who listens, is empathic, encouraging, and tolerates my paranoias.

What do you really want (here he started deviating)?
I really want to be able to continue to be an athlete.

What do you really, really want (the dream)?
I want to be able to run again.

Sometimes we never get what we want, but we fumble through life just the same, and to put it in some kind of religious context, God helps us through it all, the good and the bad.