Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Trying to understand the misunderstood

People seem a bit amazed that the death of Michael Jackson saddened me. He was one who was misunderstood, I think, and I'll never know him, but I can make things up...

- He was such a success, but he was lonely, and as a child, his father had no compassion and pushed him too hard.

- Music meant so much to him. People who knew him said how talking with him could be a bit strange until he started talking about his music. His music was addictive.

- We'll never know if he abused children. I don't believe he did, but since no one knows, we shouldn't judge him for it.

- He was a great father. His kids loved him and will miss him.

- He wanted to see what the average life was like so much that a grocery store opened at night just for him and his family to experience going to the grocery store.

- He had events in his life which caused him chronic pain and people will say he was a drug addict and judge him for that. Have those people experienced chronic pain? There are nights I wake up in so much pain from leg cramps that I must go sit in a chair to calm them down. It's horrible. I can see how someone could become addicted. I think there needs to be more compassion surrounding pain.

So, I thank God for my life, that I don't have addictions to pain killers, and that I was addicted to Michael Jackson's music. May he rest in peace.