Saturday, June 13, 2009

What do you really, really want?

So much has been happening in life that I haven't had time for this "diary."

This week I listened to a session from a National Quality Conference, video-conferenced from California. The physician who talked discussed having the patient at the center of care (nothing about us without us concept). We then went through an exercise, after which he gave his answers, making us all re-think ours. So here are the questions with my new answers.

What do you want (think healthcare)?
I want to drive my own care if I can, but I want a doctor who listens, is empathic, encouraging, and tolerates my paranoias.

What do you really want (here he started deviating)?
I really want to be able to continue to be an athlete.

What do you really, really want (the dream)?
I want to be able to run again.

Sometimes we never get what we want, but we fumble through life just the same, and to put it in some kind of religious context, God helps us through it all, the good and the bad.


herbprof said...

God helps those who help themselves. MS is an autoimmune disease; these diseases are mysterious, scary and a wakeup call for all of us. There are approximately 80 to 100 of them with another 40 waiting for a name. Medical science cannot explain why and has not found a cure for even one. You can trigger one of them just by having an auto accident, taking aspirin, medication or by starting a new exercise routine, even too much stress says latest research. Have you changed anything in your life, "Look for the root, it is in the basics beginning with what is on your fork, what toxins are in your body, what exercise do you do, what stress is in your life, what is your spiritual base". Scientific arrogance has led us down the wrong path we better stop and take a close look at what is happening. This month 200 new chemicals which are part of the MS problem will be added too industry with no oversight control at all, altogether 85,000 chemicals. Autoimmune disease is the worst kind of contradiction; for a MS sufferer you are attacking your own body with your immune system, a world upside down. God Bless You in Your Search.


Clare said...

As you saw by my last post , I have got so much peace reguarding my MS, this was only possible trusting in God and not myself. Not to worry about things I cannot change and turn anything negetive into a positive.
Yes I have my low days dont we all but having MS is a positive experience for me.

Your friend Clare x

Diane J Standiford said...

I have always seen my MS as a gift from God. There are opportunities for growth and learning, loving and helping others. My disability is a gift to those who do not experience such a faulty body---for them to accept me, love me and for me to accept and love my MS, which is ME. Losers look the other way and never see the gift.