Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Cat, part 2

I love my cat most times, especially when she sits on my lap. My cat is most annoying when she tries to get into the garage when I am trying to leave.

I was getting ready to leave recently, to pick up Lori from school. 3 stairs down to the garage floor and hard to explain, but I use the door from the house to the garage--I think it's for balance. And there was the cat, ready to investigate the garage, the garage which never changes.

In the process of her curiosity, down I went, of course yelling at the cat--clearly this must be her fault, or the fault of our bathroom being in the process of being remodeled, or something else completely unrelated. Off came my shoe, so I was a bit stuck. But I learned my arms are strong, and I can pull myself into the car from the garage floor.

Next time I'm feeding the cat before I go. Then if I fall (these are controlled falls--it's like a form of art for me), I'm sure I can find somewhere else to place the blame. Maybe next time I'll blame the dog. :)

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