Sunday, April 12, 2009


He is risen. He is risen indeed. Tomorrow we go back to our normal lives but today we can give thanks. I've done this previously but here's some. I give thanks for...

- My daughter, Lori. She is special and a true miracle for me.
- My family--Dave, my parents, my brothers and their families, and on and on. Such support and strength they show.
- Those who when I need to share, whether it be happy times or sad times, or frustrating times.
- Those who attempt to understand and do not judge.
- Those who ask me how I am and really mean it, but don't ask all the time. And along with that, those who follow up with me, and those who have given me help.
- Those who, with my last MS attack, understood I needed rest and brought me meals.
- Continuing to explore the possibilities of life and the opportunities that grad school has given to me.
- Being able to be an athlete. Even though it isn't how I dreamed it would be, I still can push myself and be outside.
- Trying to listen and understand others; tryng not to judge.
- Those who give me extra strength by pushing me a bit further than I think I can go, but not too much.

God, Christ, the Holy Spirit. The 3 in one. The grace they grant me with my imperfections. The support they give me and the path they help me to find. Two roads diverge in a wood and I may take the one less traveled. I hope that makes some kind of difference.


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Clare said...

He is Risen indeed. What a Saviour we have.