Friday, April 10, 2009

Lori's "first" communion and these 3 days

Yesterday was Lori's first communion celebration and was so special. Grandparents were there as well as former teachers. I never feel I got to have that milestone. My first communion went with confirmation. Confirmation consisted of reading a really dry book and discussing it with my adult pastor (or watching my brother discuss it and nodding my head like a good little sister). And I suppose part of confirmation included carrying the flag to the front of the church (and hoping I could get it in the right slot) and playing my flute during services. I am so grateful that Lori gets to be a part of a church community, gets regular Sunday school, creates friends at church, feels comfortable at church, etc. I hope that continues. She is so special.

And so we have these 3 days--Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Saturday before Easter. And the idea was to take even more time during these 3 days. I wish I had done a better job for all of Lent. Thursday was chaotic--loud people remodeling our bathroom, me working on crazy deadlines for work, Lori home due to a water main break at school. And the quiet time? Ha! At church...peace. Back home, well no, forget it. Let's not get into in-laws and noise. Today--busy day at work. Did anyone notice it's Good Friday? Quiet time is now--writing this post. Also an awesome moment of quiet was sitting in the car, when the garage light went out--just sitting there with thoughts. So tomorrow I'm going on a bikeride! Out in nature--that's the quiet time--I'm going to the top of a hill, where there's a great view--and I'm going to take it all in. And for me, that is peace. I'll pause there and God will be there in some way. And I will thank God for that pause and peace, after the busy, chaotic week that I really didn't want. Thanks be to God.

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