Monday, April 20, 2009


It was 10 years ago today and I remember wondering what I should tell the 10 or so little 10 year olds who I coached in soccer. 10 years ago today I wondered if anyone was really safe. 10 years ago today anyone could walk into a school and the door wouldn't be locked. 10 years ago today was Columbine, where innocent lives were lost right here in Colorado and no one was quite sure how or why. And I think everyone was a little scared. I know I was.

I went to soccer practice the next day or 2 later and I remember telling the little girls that if they ever had anything that bothered them, they should let someone know. They should tell someone. They should talk to someone. And they looked at me with silly grins because they were too young to understand that, in a sense, it took some freedom away.

I wonder where those girls are now. I wonder if they think about today. I wonder if they remember their silly soccer coach, or anything she had to tell them.

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