Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy Week, and a few minutes each day

Today is Palm Sunday and church was so busy and things seemed so, kind of, hectic. We couldn't process outside because we had snow overnight (April in Colorado!). So we all packed right inside before the service. Then we had a brunch--lots of activity!

In the Bulletin, I noticed at the bottom that we should try to devote a bit of time each day this week in prayer by candlelight. That is an excellent idea in a week where I know work will be very busy, and most people will not realize the significance of this week for some of us--that it is the week when Christ gave his life for us, that we may in a different sense, live.

So I suppose this blog begins the week in which I will try to devote a bit of time by candlelight each night, because this is important to me. I will give thanks to God for what has been given to me and others. I will ask for God's help in my life and in the lives of others, in particular those who know who they are, who struggle some of the same struggles I do with health, who struggle in similar yet different ways in health, who indeed struggle more. God, please help me, but there is more unfairness out there, and please place your help there first, and help me to take the knowledge of other struggles, feel it, and somehow utilize it. And I will ask God to forgive me whatever harm I have done that I haven't meant to do. God, please show me how not to do that, show me how to connect with others who struggle, help us to find our common bonds. And thank you for connecting us within the past week--let that continue.

Peace, peace, peace, let there be peace, in whatever form that may be.

Thanks be to God.

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