Friday, May 8, 2009


MS is exhausting. It's been an exhausting week. And it has ended with an answer from my daughter's school that they will not help me. No way. Nope. Not going to happen. Never.

When I have an MS attack, or a bad MS day, I am stranded at home. I'm exhausted. I may not be able to walk or even stand. The last thing I should do is attempt to leave the house to pick my daughter up. So I have her take the bus. Then the neighbors can help her get home. But we're in year-round school, so the neighbors are not always home. I requested my daughter be put on the same schedule as the neighbors so there would always be someone there for her. I was told my request doesn't fall under the ADA (but it does) in a letter today. And then I fell apart.

It seems no one cares about our safety. It seems no one even wants to understand this disease. It seems no one realizes the uncertainty MS brings to one's life. It seems no one cares if I am lying on the floor of my garage unable to move, and my daughter is who knows where. And no on wants to help.

Who can help? I've now contacted the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition and the MS Society. I sent an email to the department of education (federal). I put a post on Facebook. I was having so much fun (not really) that I also sent an email to the president and my 2 state senators. And will anyone help? I am very much doubting it.

Can God help? How?

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Clare said...

Thinking and praying for you.
I understand you and so does God.

Big hugs Clare xx