Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last night was one of the Lenten Wednesday nights at our church. This time we had a service of healing, which I have to admit, seems like an odd concept. In my mind, way before talking with my pastor, I had images of someone in the middle of this circle, and everyone putting their hands on the person’s head and saying a prayer, akin to the hand-waving that occurs in some churches. Nothing like feeling uncomfortable! So I had lunch with my pastor and no, my image of course wasn’t correct.

It was a usual service, but the healing part (besides the hymns and the lessons), was only if you wanted to come up as an individual/couple/family. Then you could go up to the altar and the pastor would lay his hands on your head. At that point, only if you wanted, you could say something. And then there was a cross made on your forehead and a short prayer. So Lori and I did go up, but I didn’t say anything and neither did she. And we got the prayer and the symbolic cross.

The concept isn’t so much that this will promote healing of something specific—ie I should be walking normally today (of course I’m not), but more that it’s not about me/us. It’s about turning things to God and God helping to make us whole, in whatever context that may be. So, I don’t expect a cure for MS or that Lori’s cold will be 100% better today (her wish). But I do hope that maybe life will settle—stress will die down, I will be more patient and at peace, and I will be happy. For Lori I hope her little life is as joyful as possible. She deserves that.


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Clare said...

Wonderful post. Hope you are as well that you can be. Have been thinking of you.


Jean Ann Lautzenheiser said...

I so agree with you. As much as I would like to call the shots and tell God what I want for my life-it isn't my decision. He has a much greater plan and I am learning to be more patient and at peace with it all. Some days are harder than others, but then I get a sign that all is well--email or text or letter from my hs track coach that I haven't heard from forever....and know that it willbe okay. I believe he led me you for inspiration and peace as well. God bless!!