Sunday, March 22, 2009

My second marathon

My first marathon was briefly after I was diagnosed with MS. I did it--with the help of so many friends.

Yesterday was my second "marathon." It wasn't official--it was a handcycle ride. I thought it would be 15 or so miles. Ha! I showed up and there were 4 guys with spinal cord injuries and big, buff (kidding!) little me. When we were almost at the turn-around point, the guy I was with told me coming back was slightly uphill the whole way. That could be a problem! Surprisingly, I made it though--28 miles! I don't think I've done that on a regular bike! And it was only my second time out this year.

What's a bit complexing is why I can do stuff like this sometimes, and other times am worthless. That would be the MS beast. Of course, I'm still tired today but being outside did relieve the stress, took way the headaches from the past week, and let me be with others who are more like me. I love that--being with others who are like me in some way--it takes away the disability and focuses on us all out there, at different levels, enjoying the ride (until we hit the wall). And then we all made it-so gratifying.

God here, there, and everywhere--through the good and the bad.

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Clare said...

Wow amazing. Well done you.