Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being the Christ

Lenten Wednesday night at church again this week. This week the sermon was given by someone from another church--we combine our services for a terrific turnout!

This sermon was on how we can take Christ into the world. You can take this message even if you are not religious. The example involved asking someone if they needed help, even if you don't think you can help. But besides that, the message was not to tell people they need help, but to ask.

I thought of this in my own life, but went beyond where I thought I would go. I could easily have gone the route of...people should ask me if I need help rather than just doing something like grabbing my wheelchair. But I was thinking of how I tell people that they need to know about disability, about the ADA, etc. In a sense, that is true--education is needed. In another sense I think taking a different approach may help--asking if they want help, asking if people want education. That is perhaps a better way to take my thoughts to the world.

These services are so neat. I had a migraine all day--I actually had to take 2 migraine pills for it to go away. But after it was starting to ease, we had Evening Prayer, which has a lot of singing. The service is so calming and I usually (depending on the behavior of my 6 year old), leave feeling so much more at peace. With all the stress in my life and the lives of others right now, thanks be to God for providing both that sense of peace, and the message of how best to bring Christ into the world.

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amen and amen...