Saturday, March 14, 2009

MS, Medicine, and Faith

Some who read this blog may think I rely too heavily on religion and don't utilize other things out there. This posting will quickly move down on the list, but I thought I'd post things I do medically for my MS. Religion will always be a big part of my life, but I'm analytical so I keep up with all research, have been on numerous therapies, and continue to utilize mainstream medicine, alternative medicine, athletics, and of course, religion. Note I've had MS for almost 20 years, over half my life.

The mainstream "therapies":
First the interferons. I was one of the first on Betaseron. It initially worked but then stopped working (3 years?) and it was thought I developed immunities, so the other interferons wouldn't work. That was close to when I was diagnosed. I have tried Avonex and Rebif. They, as predicted, didn't help. I was on Copaxone for 5 years. That was awesome! But after 5 years I started having trouble breathing after the injections, and then I would shake for hours. It was more than what the literature describes, so I stopped taking that. I considered taking Tysabri, but was hesitant about the risks involved. Then I had multiple MRIs showing MS is not in my brain but in 1 spot of my spinal cord. So I'm not willing to risk Tysabri if my brain is fine and I now have a 6 year old daughter who means the world to me.

Other therapies:
Over the years, I have tried various things. I've found this combo of Baclofen, Valium, and Provigil kind of works. I have bad leg cramps. Acupuncture has helped with those during the day, but not as much at night. But I truly believe in acupuncture. Also, breastfeeding--while doing that my MS improved a bit, and a recent study confirmed this is probably the case. Another therapy is exercising. I lift a ton of sets of 5 lb weights with my arms, and do balancing and stomach strengthening exercises--the routine takes at least 45 minutes.

And through all of this, religion helps. It is not "an addition" to the other things I do. It is a part of who I am and would follow me even if I didn't have MS. So I contantly will think how God helps me to get through MS, or any given situation, because I have faith. I will continue to follow all the medical research on MS, and I will continue to follow my religious beliefs. For me, it's all important. So regardless of anything MS,

Thanks be to God.

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Clare said...

Great post.
I know my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has given me peace since being diagnosed with MS.
I currently take capaxone and a mixture of oral tablets to help with cramps,nerve pain and insomnia.
Both have places in my life in my life and both benfit me greatly.
I am thankful to God that having MS has given me opportunites to share me testimony and to walk closer to Him.
I will continue to pray for you and thankyou for your supportive comments om my blog.
I feel I have found a friend here.