Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finding peace in this economy

These are interesting times to say the least, with the economy. Where I work, there have been no layoffs but healthcare probably lags behind, waiting for people to drop insurance. But it is quiet at work--heads down, no talking. In my role, I'm a bit alone (kind of my own team), so the silence makes it worse. It's a real downer.

So I found myself at church, with my daughter, for the Wednesday Lenten service. During that service, I did feel a sense of peace, a sense of being connected, and I wanted to stay there afterward, and feel a sense of quiet calm. Yet everyone was hapy and talking, so we went home.

So with the silence and also stress at work (various projects, pressure from the President level), I wish I could take the time to just sit and perhaps do contemplative prayer, because I know the stress does not help my MS at all. I hope others with MS are able to do the same--not let the stress get to them.

Please God, lead me to peace and calm, and quiet the MS (lots of leg spasms at night lately). Amen.


Luke said...

hey, regarding your leg spasms, instead of praying that it goes away, find yourself somebody that can give deep tissue leg massage, and then the spasms will go, I promise.

ms'er faith said...

I may try the massage. Acupuncture has been a real help, but when the stress kicks up, the leg spasms return.