Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A prayer for inward peace

Who writes prayers or thoughts to God in a blog? Well, here goes--someday maybe I'll look back at this entry. I have times when I "pray"--maybe it's somehow meditative prayer--to try to put everything together, or to ask God to help me do so. Here goes a summary version...

Dear God,

So much goes on in my life. Things weave in and out. Love and anger collide. Hope and frustration collide. The ability to try to understand and support others who do not reciprocate is incomprehensible. I am told I need to believe in myself. I am also told, and I know, that I am not in charge. God--you are in charge, and you offer support. How do I get from your support to releasing the negative energies that coincide with the positive; how do I get for your support to believe in myself? So at this time, I ask that you allow me to draw on the positives, still realizing the negatives are there, but focusing on the positives. Please let me feel your presence, the presence that comes when I least expect it, but when I need it most.


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