Friday, February 6, 2009

Disability, Parenting, and Safety

Today I got an email from the church that someone has been around the area possibly trying to assault kids (maybe just girls). That's just great. When everyone thinks of church as the safest place, we now have to be careful.

That makes me think about my time as a parent. Lori is almost 6 now and has been more independent than many kids her age. It's not that I don't have my eyes on her, but I have relied on a lot of parents to help keep eyes on her, particularly at church. In a sense, it's like she owns the church. She knows the building inside-out. And outside of church, I can't dart after her like most parents can dart after their children. It's really different. I have the advantage that Lori would ride on my walker when she was younger, and now she's too big for that but still rides on my lap on the wheelchair. But there are times when I can't be right there, when I suppose she could be easly "snatched." When we're home alone without my hubbie, we don't answer the door because I feel vulnerable.

I guess it's all somewhat confusing. And it seem to remain a world almost free of other parents who have disabilities, so it's isolating. For the most part, people help, but I don't think they realize the isolation, the frustration at feeling a bit reliant on others to help. And I really am sick of the comment to Lori, "Are you Mommy's helper?" No, I am the one with the disability. Yes, she helps. But she is a kid-let her live that. I am thankful she has been safe this long.

There should be a support group--parents with disabilities--where we can air our frusrations, but also air the joys of being a parent. There must be others out there.............

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