Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lori's birthday--the impossible becomes a miracle

It's coming--tomorrow is my daughter, Lori's, 6th birthday. That amazes me now. I always wanted to have a little girl; in fact, I don't ever remember a time in my entire life when I didn't want a daughter. And then came the MS beast, and I thought it was impossible. Then my neurologist decided it wasn't a good plan. Then I went through my Ob doc, who thought it was possible, but let's check with the neurologists. Can you sense that I don't like neurologists?!! Again, the neurologist thought no, but I thought yes. So I went with that. 8 months later, right around the time my grandma left the earth, I became pregnant.

There were so many fears. I didn't even tell my neurologist until I was through 20 of the 40 weeks of being pregnant, and I never saw her again. I went to my rehab doc instead, scared, and told him. I thought he would flip. But instead, he did his usual thing. He kicked his chair back, looked pensive, took his glasses from his mouth and held them with his hand. Then he paused, looked me straight in the eyes, and said "Congratulations." And he meant it; with that, I knew this was possible.

One doc thought I would need a C-section. I knew I wouldn't. I knew Lori would be born early--I just felt it. 2 and a half weeks early, 3 days before my grandma would have turned 100, Lori entered the world. Nothing fancy about it--everything went smoothly. I breastfed--my MS improved while I did that. And there was the miracle of Lori Evelyn. I would sit with her and just hold her, and watch her sleep. And now we still cuddle. Not everything in life is possible; not everyone is given such gifts. But I thank God for the gift of Lori--so special, beautiful, wonderful.

Thanks be to God (and hello to angel Grandma in heaven)

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limitlesslife said...

I have MS as well and I am currently free of the disease after my doctor gave me an FDA approved food, MILA by Lifemax. I am 38 days past the exacerbation I should have gotten in March Apriul with no exacerbation, steroids, injections, anything. I also had no new brain lesions.