Thursday, February 26, 2009

Contemplative Prayer

Lent is here and our pastor suggested we pray more. A good idea. I'm finding the time to do so. It's a contemplative thing.

In the Ash Wednesday service, the Gospel lesson was on going into a closet and praying alone. I found that, in a sense, comforting, because I almost always pray alone. On Sunday I had gone to my car after 2 hours of reading at Starbucks. I found a parking space in the middle of nowhere. I stopped the car there, and there is where I prayed, alone.

I suppose these are more like conversations with God. I know I have done something, or I don't like the way I've treated someone, and I'm not sure that will change. I always ask God to help me let go of things--all the things that bother me, all the stresses. I ask for a sense of peace. Sunday, after my "conversation" with God, I went home and found my skiing photo was going to be in the USA Today the next day. That helped me let things go! I let things go until the next day when a problem started at work where someone will not leave me alone. So I've spent the week in this new arena, asking God to help me let that go.

May this Lent be a time when I can truly make the time to ask for these things, so that maybe, in my life, I will learn to let go and will find true peace.

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