Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One little boy

He sits quietly and patiently,
waiting for his mom
who is absent
along with anyone else who could support him.

My husband notices him
and goes to talk to him at halftime,
which is when his mom arrives,
a half hour late and everyone has left.

She thinks my husband is someone else;
and he does know the boy, but from a different time.

The boy leaves with his mom, quietly.
It's been unclear why they come and go as they do,
with him always alone,
dropped off, picked up,
and often at the wrong time.

He’s wonderful and gifted.

I hope she knows this. I wish she could see this.

It is unclear why she and anyone else is never around.

I hope someone sees his gifts
and is able to cheer him on through his life,
because he is very special.

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