Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broken synapses and Ampyra

Synapse: the point at which a nervous impulse travels from one neuron to another.

And that is what Ampyra works to correct. Potassium channels are blocked and signals flow through synapses which are defective. Blocking potassium channels allows this, somehow. Obviously I'm not a doctor.

Interesting to see what is corrected - what works and what does not work.

Left foot lifts.
Right foot begins to lift.
Walking faster and further.
Sitting straighter without hanging onto something for dear life.
Getting up legs work, muscles return ... little leg muscles can be seen.

But it's still MS - doing all this can be fatiguing.

A synapse is still blocked.
It's in my back.
It's why I was difficult to diagnose.

... (back a few years) ...
Pins and needles came in legs for 2 weeks when I'm 17, then they go away.
Repeat that one year later.

College - if I'm to run faster I must be thinner.

I'm thinner ... getting thinner ... I'm not eating enough.

But I'm getting slower. Something is wrong. I'm not thin enough.

It's something else (though I still think I could be thinner - thinner than 5'4" and 107 pounds!). My coach makes a tape of me running.
I start fine, then I begin to bend over from a bit above the waist.

This cannot be MS, according to doctors. Are you eating enough? (I lie)

This has to be something else... until the day I am diagnosed ... and then it isn't something else. And I am plenty thin.

There were and are 2 lesions on my spine. That's it.

With that, there's still a stubborn synapse that's broken. Things are getting better with Ampyra. But standing...

15 seconds without support.

I can only stand so long before the bend of my body collapses me.

I start again, trying to hold an upright position.

My body starts to bend.

I reach and am stabilized by a bar.

And I begin again.

15 more seconds.

Bending. Reaching. Stabilizing.

What causes this? God, what causes this? Do others experience this? I suspect it's different for everyone.

For me, I think it's 1 main broken synapse.

Routine physical: "You are so healthy. You have really strong stomach muscles."

True. But there's something missing in my back. The lesion is right there - at the point I bend.

And so I continue to search for answers. It's all a bunch of experiments.

I push hard.

I exhaust myself.

But it's quite clear that the broken synapse may not be helped with all of this.

Or can it?

Synapse: the point at which a nervous impulse travels from one neuron to another.

Only time will tell. And I won't give up, because people have already done that for me.

Other people support me, hope for me, gosh I know they pray for me.

It's really back to me, alone. But I know God is right there beside me.

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