Thursday, September 23, 2010


We, out in disability land, hate when people come up to us, and by way of introduction, ask why we use a wheelchair, or whatever.

But a friend noted our typical greetings to each other, after I sent him a message which began "How's your infection?"

It's true, really. It's quite common for me to wheel somewhere and be asked "what level are you?" as an introduction, from another wheelchair user. And for me that's ok - I think A Ha! Fooled you! I have MS.

I don't like going to MS functions, because here's how the intros go...
"How long have you had MS?" ... "Wow. You were young." Really? No duh! I did feel like the ONLY one back then. And then open my autobiography of MS and all the drugs I have tried.

What's best is to show up to ski or at a handcycling event. Then, for some reason, it doesn't seem "allowed." Then we're all out there to have fun.

And this year I'll miss the big handcycling ride. I'm actually letting my shoulder heal. It's finally feeling better. Drives me crazy to not be out there, but I'm working on my legs now and that's exhausting.

So another intro: "How's your shoulder?"

In a way, it's comical. But then, maybe annoying sometimes.

I guess we should just start with "How are you?" and see where that gets us.

"How's that new medicine?" It's great. But I'm working hard so I'm exhausted. I'd better end this post and go to bed.



Rosemary said...

Hi Beth, Don't ever think your blog doesn't have affect on others. I seem to feel more settled and grounded after I read it. It makes me feel like all the stuff I harbor in my heart with this MS is really part of my new normal now and others also are dealing with it. Thanks for being so open and honest. I started my Ampyra on Thursday morning so this is day 3. So far no major side effects which I am thankful for. Until I read your blog today I don't think that I noticed I was able to get up off the sofa tonight without that startched leg feeling. Wow, little blessings are so appreciated when you have this disease. I am forever hopeful that this drug will take a hold on me and give me the renewed hope of walking a little faster than the local yard snail. You are such a neat lady and yes, I do pray for you my friend. Gentle Hugs, Rosemary

ms'er faith said...

Rosemary - it is in the little things - those things mean so much. It's getting up in the morning and using my legs - not just my arms. It's moments when I might have fallen and I catch myself. There's invisible stuff no one will see. I'm prayin that it works for you!