Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unnecessary junk

Since I've been on leave, I've been getting help with cleaning and getting rid of so much junk in our house. I think we got rid of half of everything in the office, and half of everything in my daughter's room, and the rooms are still packed with, mostly, junk. What intrigues me is that as soon as the old junk is tossed, new junk quickly appears, and I'm spending time trying to toss it before it ends up in a pile.

From where does the new junk come? It's the mail. It's not only snail mail, but email. You would think email might replace snail mail. For our church this seems to have been the case. I get the monthly newsletter by email, and not via snail mail. We have a weekly update via email. I do a monthly contribution directly through our bank, so the church doesn't have to send me a bunch of envelopes for Sunday donations. But others don't do things this way.

I must get at least 3 catalogs in the mail each day - it's a big waste of paper because I "recycle" at least 2 of the 3 without looking at them. Then, I get the same things via email. If I get the information via email, it makes the paper catalogs even more of a waste. And information on email is ridiculous - it seems many places send 1 or 2 emails per day. If I check my email at night, and then again in the morning, it's likely I have 10-15 "junk" emails from retailers. I could switch my email so the junk only goes to 1 account and I might do that. But what I wish is that retailers would get the point - perhaps the church could give a class! (sarcasm)

Send me 1 email a week - that's plenty. If you send me an email, I don't need the catalogs in the mail - this is a huge waste of paper and resources. Are the retailers aware of the rate at which catalogs are tossed or emails are deleted? It seems the advertising would be much more effective if it was minimized.

How does this relate to MS? MS sucks energy. I only have so much energy. Far too much of it is zapped by getting useless things in our recycle bin and deleting emails. I'd like to spend my time reading letters with meaning, and emails with meaning. And if I didn't have MS, I bet I'd feel the same way.


hikerrev said...

Thanks for the shout out.

Clare said...

Too true , junk gets into every aspect of life..