Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going back, to work

The time has flown. I thought I would take 2 weeks off for surgery. 2 weeks quickly turned to 4, and this week was the start of 4 at half time, with most of those being at home.

I thought in my time off I would get so much done. There are photo albums I wanted to update, my dad wanted me to look at these letters his mom wrote to his dad long ago, my mom wanted some of our house to be cleaned (I did too!), and on and on. Somehow rest was supposed to find a place, but it didn't find as much as it probably should have.

The time was, instead, spent on coordinating physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), acupuncture, how to get Lori to her activities, doing exercises and stretches, elevating legs due to swollen feet, etc. It feels like other times in life where I think there will be extra time made for things that are important, but never get the attention they need. Lent, Advent - reflection time. I add it, but never enough.

Then, I return to my "normal" state of things, glad I got to do some things, but disappointed that I didn't get to do enough of the things I thought I would get to do. And there is a sense of sadness in that.

Perhaps if these other things are so important, then I should still find time for them, and not wait for some "special" time. And then perhaps, there will be a greater overall happiness because important things are not just saved for special times.

One thing did get done while I was out... coffee. Every morning my husband would make it. Instead of drinking it on the way to work, I would spend the time at home just sitting there, drinking it. If it was nice outside, I would go on the deck with it and soak up the spring air. That created happiness. Knowing I did that, and it wasn't on my formal "agenda," maybe I should figure a way to find time for other things, one by one, without a real formal agenda, and without a set special time. It seems so easy (like finding time to sit and enjoy coffee), and yet so difficult.

Looking up... assurance?

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