Thursday, May 20, 2010

How far?

MS - strange disease.

One day you run; the next day you can't feel your legs.

One hour you type and write; the next hour you find yourself looking at a pen and pondering the best way to hold it to take notes that will make sense later.

You think your hands no longer work and won't; one day you start to type and write again, as if nothing happened.

You think your legs are done doing anything; someone discovers muscles still there, someone else believes in you --> you believe, faintly, in yourself.

You buy a bike that will pedal for you, intending for it to help with circulation in your legs; one day you bike with the machine for 5 minutes, then turn the machine off, and surprise yourself by biking 5 more minutes all on your own.

Things can turn, this way and that, things disappear, things reappear. Progressive disease, yet with 2 steps taken back, 1 step or more may be taken forward. How far? No steps? 1 step? 2 steps?

Faith at all times, helping hold during the bad times, helping encourage and push forward during the good. With MS, expect the unexpected. With faith, know some kind of presence and peace. And then, envision how far, because you never know.

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