Monday, May 31, 2010


Out there again yesterday handcycling - my surgeon wanted me to try handcyling (uses different muscles than the ones bugging me right now). Slow ... 4 miles ... not about distance, hills, or speed.

Beautiful, on the bike path near my house...
- the sound of birds in the early evening
- new spring leaves on the trees, gently swaying in the wind
- a gentle breeze I could feel on my face, my arms, my legs

I missed this - being outside riding, feeling the air (and in that air, a sense of God), hearing the surrounding sounds. I'm not one to ride with my Ipod - I enjoy just being out in nature and listening. This ride lifted me, pulled me from feelings of being restricted in what I could do and where I could go.

And as I made the final turn into our cul de sac, a teenager saw me, opened his mouth widely, and exclaimed, "That is cool!"

Yes, it is so cool, in more ways than most can imagine.

Thanks be to God.

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