Thursday, April 15, 2010

Live, Love, Laugh

Staying in an acute rehab hospital is definitely an experience. Everyone seems to stay in their own room; they seem a bit older than me; and I think generally there are more than physical disabilities for people here. I think I'm the only mom with a child. But perhaps that adds to the variety of it all.

It was a pretty tough day of meeting and working with physical and occupational therapists... pretty serious stuff. But it started with a phone call home at 7:30 this morning. "Hi Mommy!" piped the cheery 7 year old who then went on to tell me the foods she didn't like.

Then at 4:30pm ... quiet ... giggle, giggle ... enter Lori and Grandma. That's when the fun of the day started. We took her paper airplane outside to the "park" and watched as she repeatedly threw it. We used the bridge to play "3 Billy Goats Gruff." And then leave it to Lori to find the toys. Grandma, Lori, and I ate dinner, each in a wheelchair. There are now 3 wheelchairs in the room - Nemo (mine), my grandma's (it has arms so I may use it), and a borrowed power chair. The power chair! What fun! I haven't used it, but Lori hopped on it and took it around the halls.

Enter Dave (my husband), in the middle of this giggling driving lesson. Back outside for more airplane action. Back inside. Lori really can add a spark to this serious place. We continue to live, but realize the love we all have and the laughter we share.

And I remember why I love being a mom. It's such a great gift.

Thanks be to God.

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