Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hospital observations:


The nerve block from surgery made my arm and hand go numb. Amazing strange sensation that the numb hand was at chest level when it was really by my side.

I don’t really like tv – it seems annoying. I thought I was more addicted.

Confirmed I’m not a phone person – I left my cell phone at home. The other person in my room loves her phone. But she’s not a computer person -I am.

I like to type, then nap, and alternate these activities.

Hate relying on others!!!

Yup, I’m right handed – more difficult!!!

I can get my pulse to 121 just by registering for surgery.

I like seeing the cross on the wall in front of me.

I like the note Lori wrote me that I’m brave, and all her get well mommy stuff.

I have confirmed to people that I work – why such a shock?

So many beeps and machine noises at the hospital.

Some people think that all people with MS are the same. I love the people who realize that we are not.

"How often are you wheelchair-bound?" Answer: "Never. A wheelchair is freeing." New concept, I guess! :)

Now to rehab... what fun!

God is here somewhere... but the cross is gone at rehab and I miss it!

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