Monday, April 26, 2010


I decided I was done playing the piano, but today it was just sitting there, inviting me to play. And there was the piece Chanty, which I played at my grandparents' small memorial services. But it wasn't good enough then - not like it used to sound (not full feeling in my fingers) - so that was the end.

But today I accepted that invitation to play Chanty again. And just like in the many years I took piano lessons, I was immersed. It's difficult to explain. I was the person who wasn't the best technically because of my smaller hands, but musically I would dive and lose myself. So there I was again.

Tonight, waiting for Lori to practice, I dove again. Then she appeared in a dance outfit and danced to Chanty. And then I asked her what she thought of the piece and what it meant to her. She said, "It's like a river or ocean. It starts slowly, then picks up, and then is very calm again at the end."

Yes, that's exactly what Chanty is. I may not hit all the notes, but I guess I can still convey the music. That is something that MS cannot take away - the ability to dive, to lose oneself, in something so beautiful.



Clare said...

Yes MS cannot take that away. Also MS adds things and yes some may be negetive but so many pluses.

I tend to value our good days and use them to full potential. Some withiout health issues tend to lets these days go without a thought.

I tend to look deeper into to things that some people may just miss. (i am not sterio typing lol).

My son cannot remember me without MS and just thinks its normal:)

ms'er faith said...

you are right, clare. Many negatives, but also different views of the world that can be positive. I like the stereotyping - I think I do that too - look more deeply at some things. :) Prayers for you...