Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Those" People and God still there

A few posts ago, someone posted a comment which I deleted because of the language in it. What it basically said was who is Jesus, expressed disbelief in Jesus, and the feeling that Jesus couldn't have been God--this person obviously didn't feel God's presence anywhere. I believe that's where faith can step in.

This part of this post isn't pretty. Yesterday was a frustrating day. I live here in Colorado where it snows in the winter, but not as much as people would think--just enough to be annoying. Yesterday I picked up my daughter at school and took her to dance. We got there and the WHOLE parking lot was free from ice, EXCEPT the accessible spot where I needed to park, which was filled with snow and ice. But I needed to go in. So I parked, got out of the car onto the snow, and then realized under the snow was a layer of ice. I clutched the car, got my walker out, somehow got my bag out, somehow closed the doors, somehow walked backward, and made it into the dance studio (of course, there were no offers for help--people too busy dropping and picking up kids).

We got in, I bought what she needed, and I sat down. A nice lady was telling me about someone who teaches pilates which sounded exciting. She gave me the lady's card and said to use her name as a reference, so I had to admit I didn't know her name. Here it comes. She said she only knew my name because she has a friend named Beth who is HANDICAPPED. That "H" word--hate it!

Leaving dance--back over the ice. Before that, some dad not paying attention almost plowed me over--he wasn't looking--no shock! Getting the walker back in the car is more difficult, and the ice! Some may wonder why I didn't ask for help--too stubborn, I suppose! Anyway, as I was getting the walker in the car, I thought of the person not believing in the presence of God. And I thought where is God now? And then I thought of all the frustration of the afternoon, but I was still there and hadn't fallen. So I think God was with me. And if I had fallen? I don't know what my answer would be. Stuff happens. Bad stuff happens. There aren't reasons. God is still there. That's my leap of faith.

As I say so many times, through whatever good or bad, because good happens and MS just sucks--it does...but through it all,
thanks be to God.


Melinda M said...

God is there, even if you fall. Joshua 8:1 says "Then the LORD said to Joshua, 'Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.'" Faith will see us through. I know that He is always with us.

I have PPMS and getting around Illinois in the winter is no picnic.

God bless you.


ms'er faith said...

I like that verse--hadn't remembered it. Ugh--Illinois is probably very similar. Best of luck to you and thanks for the positive comment.