Friday, January 9, 2009


This isn't a religious posting, but I still think God is there.

People have asked me how I know I'm having an MS "attack." So I thought since one is hitting, I'd document it so I remember what to tell people.

Usually they are about 6 months apart. Sometimes they start with a virus, like whatever I had at Christmas, but not always. Generally, the month before the attack, I feel awesome. Then at some point I get really tired. Following that, I start to have a series of meetings. I'll sometimes have these meetings anyway, but they become more frequent. The floor is where I meet--it seems to really like me. Boom, boom, boom. Legs give, hello floor! And when do I know this is really and different than "regularly scheduled" meetings? The meetings are more frequent and generally there is a special meeting, somewhere other than the floor.

This week I was tired, and then yesterday had a series of floor meetings. Today I thought maybe I was ok (I shouldn't do that), so I didn't call my doctor. Then I started feeling "off" at work. I picked up my daughter from school and it was cold! I got the wheelchair back in the car and opened the front door. Then I slung my body around to the meeting of my forehead with the steering wheel. And I didn't make the seat--well, I made it halfway. Then I started to cry at the whole mess and after pulling myself together, re-did the "slinging around" by somehow pulling myself up, and this time doing the usual sling into the chair. No one came along or was there to witness the meeting--help would have been nice.

It was great planning in that it was 5:30pm on Friday, and so I have the weekend ahead of me. Luckily I had some leftover steroids which should be ok until Monday, when I WILL call my doc.

And that is an MS attack (for me).

And God is there, and God is a loving God.


Clare said...

I love the way you call it 8meetings*. Its a wonderful description.
It is wonderful to know God is with us. It keeps us going and never feeling alone.

Steven said...

Thanks for the post. We have a good Father that will never give us more than we can bear. I've added both you and Clare to my prayer list.

ms'er faith said...

and I should add both of you, but how will I remember all the names? :)