Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Cat

I love my cat, Boo Boo. I'm surprised she isn't here right now, requesting my lap. I'm typing on the laptop and when not doing that, I may be doing exercises on the floor. She will walk to me and pace, as if to say, "it's lap time." When I work in our office, she more blatantly comes in and meows to announce her presence.

In the past week or 2, she has been here more often. A bit strange, but it has fit with my MS out of control. It's as if she is telling me NOT to do my exercises, but to rest. Stop. Pet her. She knows--she's in renal failure--let's rest together.

And in between those times of her insistence of rest, there is chaos. Steroids treated my MS attack. But attacks don't just end. Things seem to be mis-firing all over the place. My knees will now stay locked. But my legs spasm as if they want me to walk, they ache as if they want me to walk. I walk, and they are tired and ask me to sit, which leads back to the spasms. An exhausting week, and when it occurs at night, it is more mentally difficult to handle. By the time it's morning, I'm ready for a nap!

Back to the cat--maybe it's her that can calm the cycle. She's still not here now, but my lap is ready and open.

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Steven said...

Lord, I pray that you would give my friend rest that refreshes her and that you would calm her body and mind. I pray that you would quiet her MS and give her the strength and energy she needs to make it through each and every day.