Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving Ahead

I think this may be the last post about my most recent MS attack, because I have some other things I wanted to write--relating policy and faith, utilizing disability to mentor those who enter a medical profession, a book review, etc. So many thoughts, so little time.

But, with cat on lap (see previous post), my update. Next attack hopefully I'll remember to look back and compare.

Things have settled down mostly. Yesterday my balance seemed to come back and I was able to do all of my balancing exercises. My upper body strength has returned. I feel less fatigued. My legs are not having more than the usual spasms, they do not ache, and they are not numb. They are still tired and drag more than usual when I am using Bart (my walker). I am not walking as far as I was. My hope is that my legs will improve next--I'll keep trying with them. My hope is that now I can resume my exercise routine. Frustration and feelings of hopelessness have also improved.

And what allowed this to happen--to start to get better? I'm not sure. I think I finally got sick of not getting enough help, and reached out to women at church and asked for a couple dinners for this week. Then when I got home from work, I didn't have to use that energy. I felt guilty asking, but I also thought something had to help. People cooked great dinners. Then there's the random nature of MS where the recovery might be random.

So I move on. I made a big deadline at work (stress probably didn't help the attack). I am going to a lunch tomorrow with other ADA experts (I'm still becoming one). The semester has started at school (I'm going for a Masters in Public Affairs). And I can now be a better mom because things are better. God with me through all of this--thanks be to the help of people at church, thanks be for me getting more rest, and as usual, thanks be to God.

And now to get the cat off my lap :)


Clare said...

Thanks be to God.

I have thought and prayed for you, and thankyou for stopping by my blog.

I am currently on a course of oral steroids to help with my optic neuritus. I dont like taking htem but they do work well for me.
Keep going, keep smiling and most importanly rest on the Lord.
Clare xx

Steven said...

I've been praying for you as well. I'm glad to here you are doing better.

Lisa Ann said...

I'm praying for you. I hope you continue to improve.