Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today I was somewhere where specialty medications were being discussed--those injectables and infusion therapies used for MS and other diseases--the one that slow the course of the disease. These medications now cost more for patients--financial aid is available, but middle class Americans mostly don't fit the criteria and must pay. The comment was made that the patients that "need" these medications will get funding, or will "have to" pay. The comments made were that the issue has somehow phased down and is no longer a hot topic. But it is! Many people are going without medication which begged the question where it is needed.

So now I know people who are one these medicines and have chosen to stop taken them.

So what is need? People with MS NEED these medicines in the longer scheme to have greater quality of life! Why don't insurance get it? Need does not equal strict cost effectiveness. No, people don't need them to survive, but they do need them to live fuller and longer lives.



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