Monday, July 7, 2008


Tonight I went on a handcycle ride. I got out in the driveway and it started to rain. Then I looked at the clouds nearby and thought, no, they will produce lightning. So I headed home. Upon my return, my husband was not impressed and told me, " You got to live a little." So out again I went, certain that lightning would appear at some point and finally get me. One of my paranoias--I'm certain that lightning is after me! :) Well, it was a gorgeous ride--perfect weather in the 60s (unusual for Colorado at this time of year), and along the way I saw 4 rainbows in the distance. The last one was as I was headed home. It gradually disappeared leaving a stunning array of pink clouds. Thank God for rainbows!

On another topic, it was my first ride since my biking in the mountains. Either in my head or in reality, I was exhausted for a week. I was tired, wanting to sleep, and my arms, though not sore, hurt when I used them. But I am back this week!

Handcycling in the mountains was awesome! I achieved my goal of making it to a place called
Montezuma, at 10,000, from Keystone, at 9,000 feet. It's my theory I only did this because I told a few people it was my goal. It was so great to reach that point. I remember thinking I was .2 miles away when someone came to encourage me and tell me I had .4 miles left. That seemed like an eternity. The best, besides making it, was going down, full speed.

And so that's it for now. Kind of a boring entry. But I do love rainbows!

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