Saturday, August 20, 2011

You're IT!

The numbers refer to people in this fun story. So think 1=Person #1, 2=Person #2, etc.

An interesting game of tag and the planning for it.

1 - "Someone has decided that you, 2, are IT."

2 - "So I assume we're playing dodgeball?"

1 - "No, this person, we'll never know who they are, said tag. And they said you are IT. They must think you can handle it. Will you be IT? We have a number of other games and different people will be asked if they will be IT for those."

2 - "Wow - I really thought this was about dodgeball which I think I like better. But I suppose I'll be IT in the game of tag, if that's what someone wanted."

1 - "Are you sure this tag game should occur? Are you sure the person really wanted a tag game? From your gut, do you think something happened causing people to have to play this tag game, where you are IT? Really, in your gut...?"

2 - "Yes, that's what they want. Tag is the game and I am IT. They are right. I just didn't want to play and be IT"

1 - "Well, what did you plan on doing about it?"

2 - "I was going to try to find a place where we don't have to play these games, because this tag game is different - it's hard and it's no fun."

1 - "OK, let me look into who else needs to play. #3 will let you know."

Game begins........

3 - "OK, we're all going to play now, but what do you really want? I don't think you wanted to play tag or to be IT, so did you really want to have a big treat at Baskin Robins, or did you really want someone to say you might win at tag, so let's not even play?"

2 - (confused) - "I don't want ice cream and this whole tag thing has me confused. I'll draw you a picture. See, here's this beautiful park. I wanted everyone to get along and go there together. That's it. It's about getting along and being together."

1 - "Oh, I get it. I really do. I get it. Unfortunately, we must finish tag. You have to be IT the whole time. The people you tag - well, you're still IT and until we decide otherwise, they're still fine. But keep trying to tag them. That way, we can say we all played tag, and whoever the person is who wanted it played, maybe they'll see."

2 - "This is exhausting. Can we just not play and go to the park, even if we need to be separate?"

1 - "No, unfortunately we have to play tag."

and this goes on and on and on.

2 wants the park. 1 has been told to avoid the park at all costs, play a lot of tag, and make 2 exhausted.

4 - "Hey 2, CALL ME."

2 - ?????????? Perhaps there's a different park somewhere, waiting to be explored.

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