Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Times of our Lives


Joy. Happiness. Laughter.
Pain. Sorrow. Tears.

We all experience these. Perhaps when we share, we learn how we may be experiencing them all simultaneously.

Time with a friend.

We share accomplishments we have made in becoming physically stronger. We start with that.

We move to other subjects. We discover that despite different lives, we're in the middle of some things we never expected. We're dealing with them. We see that there seems to be a ripple effect - one thing after another, trying to bring us down.

We return to our accomplishments. We find similarities. We are different, yet we find that we are each becoming stronger and we each work at it. We share different versions of exercises - what was once really hard that has become easier with time.

We find our way back to the pain. We didn't expect this. We thought we knew people better, and we thought we could trust a bit more.

Now we're back to exercise, but one person is doing a demo on the floor and I'm showing my little leg muscles and how I can kick.

Pain. Sorrow.
Tears. We find tears. Things hurt and we can't believe it.

Joy. Happiness. Laughter. This is the important stuff. It's important to not let the other stuff take over the best parts of life.

Two different people with different stories, each bringing with them pain, sorrow, tears, joy, happiness, and laughter.

We have been down different, yet similar roads. We struggle with the difficult. We cling to the good.

Most importantly we share.

We are not alone.

These are the times of our lives.


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