Wednesday, August 10, 2011


They really are gifts - each one has brought joyful tears (others don't see the tears - it would ruin my "image" :) )

The gift of music.
I went to visit a friend who gave me 2 CDs - one has 100 piano pieces. I am drawn back to my days as a pianist. I started in first grade, insisting that since my older brother took lessons, I should, too! Of the 3 kids, I continued through high school, practicing about 2 hours each night my senior year. On the CD, I found pieces I had played. Chopin's "Waltz for Piano No. 1 in E flat" - it's a dance, as if doing small leaps. Debussy's "Arabesque for Piano No. 1 in G" is like gentle waves. Mozart - always my favorite - I listen to the Sonatas and remember them. Strangely, the piece by Chopin brings me to tears. An unexpected CD from a friend brought music back. MS might have taken feeling away in my fingers, but I wouldn't be as good anymore anyway. The fact I played the pieces - that can't be taken away. Nor can the emotional feeling I get from listening to them.

The gift of balance.
We went for a picnic, prepared by my 8 year old daughter. Imagine - PB&J, yogurt, salad, and juice boxes. "Let's play frisbee!" Really? Do we have to? I'll just sit there and if I'm lucky the frisbee will hit me in the stomach and bounce off. I won't catch it. But I have the gift of balance. I sit, I reach, and I don't collapse. And then... I catch the frisbee! It doesn't just bounce off me. Do we have to leave? I can catch now!

The gift of today.
14 months since steroids. We're almost through summer. I think I may make it through the heat. So today, I celebrate.

God is smiling.


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