Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanks for...

God being with me on the big journey of life, and so many little journeys along the way.

Family and friends - all their support.

The gift of Lori.

The gift of being stubborn (most of the time).

Having more than enough, always, even when I don't think so.


Not giving up, even when I almost did. God's presence there.

People who "found" me, believed in me and still do, and showed me I could still be Beth, MS and all, even when I do not believe.

Being able to smile when I really want to cry.

Being able to cry when I really wish I felt like smiling.

All the people who I love but whose time on earth has ended.

God being with me, reaching to me in times of most trouble and in times of most joy.

And I am thankful for times of




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