Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bridges out of poverty

The video that ended the day was an eye opener, even after a day of learning about poverty.

7 hours on poverty - which will now be targeted for Habitat for Humanity - a great cause. But today I got to learn.

Generational vs situational poverty
Relationships as key
Hidden messages in how people in different classes talk

Getting out of generational poverty is very difficult, and in getting out, one may alienate themselves from family.

We sat, listened, and did exercises all day. We had "a ha!" moments where it makes more sense.

We ended by assessing the family in the last video - heartbreaking. A mom walks 10.5 miles each way from her trailor to work at Burger King because her car needs to be fixed. She walks through pouring rain as cars drive by her. Her son seems to have potential, but how will he get out of this, this that is the fault of no one, but a place where everyone is stuck. To get out, much is needed. Most think by providing financial assistance and perhaps food, poverty can stop. But there is so much more needed - a strong support system that is there for the long haul - people who will provide social support for the long run.

Today, another group of us learned this. Perhaps we can start to provide more support.


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