Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Standing up, falling down

Awhile ago she "sametimed me" (instant message) at work. It had been awhile, because I usually turn the sametime off - people see me on there and want to talk, and I can't get work done. It had also been awhile because we don't talk that frequently.

Hi and how are things? And I told her about Ampyridine and how awesome it is. I asked about her kids. That seemed about it. We're all busy. Back to work.

When was it that she sent me the message? I don't remember. But it wzs right around the time when I was "standing up" and she was "falling down."

Yesterday - "did you hear about her?" Well, no, I mean, she sent me a message and we talked a bit.

One Thursday - after not a lot of concern grew quickly to great concern -she learned - 4 spots on 1 lung, 3 on the other, and it had gone to her brain. She had never smoked. The following Tuesday - successful brain surgery. Now chemo and radiation.

Today I went to PT. I worked hard on standing. I am standing up.

She is "falling down."

But if anyone can get back up, it's her.

Another lesson to cherish each day, love one another each day, and embrace life.


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