Monday, October 18, 2010

Silent miracles

My husband says (at Mt. Rushmore)
"look at the eyes of the different presidents...
with the binoculars."

I look at them (the binoculars) strangely.
They're just sitting in my lap.
Why am I hesitating?
I pick them up and start to look.

They're not quite steady, but something is different.
What is it?
I try to steady them.

I realize suddenly that I'm using both hands to hold these things,
when I used to use one, which wasn't effective.
I used the other one on my chair for balance.
And then I gave up.

But now, I can see those eyes of the presidents.
I can hold the binoculars steadier.

Then I realize I am doing the same thing with my camera.
I am using both hands, without thought.

And so I take the binoculars again and refocus.
It's new, seeing these eyes.
I can see them, with more clarity.

And no one knows I'm having this profound experience,
which may seem trivial to some,
but is this remarkable blessing to me.

And so, maybe it's more profound
to be truly alone in this (these) moment(s)

when God is right there with me
holding me in a different sense
and showing me the truly remarkable simple actions

that at other moments in time
I took completely for granted.


1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Beth, I rejoice in your blessing. I can relate to how much those little things bring such joy now. As the song goes, One day at a time sweet Jesus. One day your daughter will read all these blog entries and know what a wonderful Mom she has.