Thursday, July 15, 2010

Movement, MS and ALS style

"Well, you know, you can't move, so you can stay where you are and others can come to you."
"I can move."
" (pause) I mean, you can't get up."
"I can get up."
" (pause) uh...... I mean, you can't walk."
"I can walk!" :)
"Well, we wouldn't want you to do that."
"Actually, I should walk."
"??????????? (puzzled look)"

And so we move.

In our wheelchairs, circling a room.

Sometimes in our beds, where we determine what still moves.

When we develop a drool, and friends put names to it, joking about calling it "mountain drewl."

In the movements of our eyes, if they are needed to type and communicate.

In our minds, as we consider possibilities.

In our dreams, where we move like we remember how we used to move.

In our memories which cannot be taken from us.

In our hopes.

In our prayers.

As we continue our journey.

As God moves alongside us.



Jean ann said...

isn't technology an awesome enhancement for everyone, but especially us as we have more opportunities with these diseases than those who suffered years before. . . So why do we have to quality through insurance or have stats for clinical trials. . . . Why do we still suffer because reasons beyond our control by people without the disease? I am bittersweet as I hate these "beasts "in our lives, but they are also the ties that brought us together again. Im always here to encourage you on or will listen to you vent when it seems no one understands. . . . As much as we hate the disease, we are teaching our daughters how to accept others for their differences and perserverence when it gets hard. I love you!

ms'er faith said...

Love you too, Jean ann! And I'm here to "listen" to you as well. I hope we are teaching our daughters, even on the days when they seem to hate us for not being like "other" moms.