Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear (fill in the blank),

We went on vacation to Estes Park (not far) for 3 days this week. I sometimes wish I could give random (sometimes) people notes on things - somewhat like Facebook entries. Perspectives from Beth with MS and wheelchair/walker/etc, during vacation. Here goes...


GOD: We did it! I think all the things below may make you laugh, and you could almost say "I told you so," although that wouldn't be your style. Thanks for coming along on the adventure. As always, I am trying to learn to accept the things I cannot change, courage, to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

SELF: Really Beth, on vacations, you ALWAYS find the best moments/times are those that are unplanned/free. Relax, let go - there is happiness... in meandering and laughing down the riverwalk in Estes, enjoying the big bathtub in the motel, relaxing in the simplicity of the hotel.

APPENZELL INN: Do you know how awesome you are? Settled between chains, just off the highway, you are unique. Your owners chose to put an accessible room on the 2nd floor. The room has a vaulted ceiling, incredible view, big bathtub, perfect shower, bars that don't look like a nursing home's,and more. I've never had this. Accessible rooms are always on the first floor, generally away from everything, as if hidden. This room was right in the middle of everything, with the most stunning view. Truly incredible. Thank you.

LORI: See dear self - those were our best times. Let's skip the planned stuff. I don't know what you should tell people when they ask what it's like to have a mom who uses a wheelchair. I should make that a blog entry! :) Next time...

I KNOW YOU!: I never thought I'd see you, my orthopedic surgeon, on the hiking trail! And you recognized me! So, I see you may be a nature person as well - good to see you! Yes, my shoulder is gradually getting better, but I wish it would get better faster. When can I swim, rather than "flub?" I'm just "flubbing" now - maybe next summer, I'll be swimming :)

TECHNOLOGY: I left you behind which was fun. We didn't turn on the TV either. The quiet space was nice. And I survived without my laptop! :)

MS: The swimming pool is a great place to "walk" so you can't keep me awake with spasms. Gotcha! :)

DUDE WHO PARKED ON STRIPED LINES: OK, dude. That was not a parking spot. Nope. Striped lines designate the end of parking. Perhaps there was room there for a Smart Car, but not your bigger than big SUV. So when you smiled and I then told you it wasn't a parking space, and seemed really mad, I was. I could hardly get my legs in my car. I'm sorry dude - you can walk; I can't - and I need extra space to get my legs in the car which is why I chose that spot. So dude, maybe next time don't park there, or buy a smaller car.

???: Whoever puts the toilet paper dispensers in bathrooms... if you put the BIG dispensers ABOVE the bar, it's dangerous for people like me. They're supposed to go 12 inches above the bar which also doesn't work well. Can you put your gigantic dispensers below the bar? I know it doesn't make sense to you, so contact me for a free demo as to the why :)

RANDOM PEOPLE: There are 1 or 2 accessible bathrooms per large restroom area. They are not dressing rooms. I know they are more comfortable, but if you're just using them for comfort, could you save them for people who need them? I do understand if you need them for bad knees, etc.

25 FEET: Yes, I timed walking you 4 different times - talk about variability! Should I take the average time as the baseline for starting this new medicine?

Live, laugh love.


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