Saturday, March 13, 2010

Joy in the Spirit

I'm using a book called "Lenten Journey" as part of increasing my reflection time for Lent. It's a great book - I think I'll go through it again after Lent. Each day has a "theme" where I read a few pages and contemplate some things. A recent entry was on Joy. I like this - thinking about joy in life. So I'll answer 3 questions they pose, in the context of my life.

When do you experience spontaneous moments of joy?
- When I find some way to help someone, whether they know it or not.
- Whenever I enter the office for the BOEC (adaptive athletics), am welcomed, feel myself, and leave disability at the door.
- When my daughter, Lori, does something no one expects, but that gives her great joy.
- When my husband, Dave, and I exchange stories about Lori, and we laugh.
- Friday, when I skied a blue without falling - totally unexpected - joy!

When and in what do I lose myself?
- Handcycling (an attempted replacement for running). I'm out there, in my zone.
- Writing things like this - writing...
- Being outside - enjoying a gorgeous view - exiting the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado and seeing the vast expanse of mountains.

What spiritual practices help awaken contemplation in you?
- Sitting on my bed, legs crossed, in prayer and reflection.
- Being still, and alone, in silence, reflecting. God, why does it seem so difficult to find time for this one? It's my favorite.

Thanks be to God for moments of joy, and for being with us always, particularly during times of reflection and prayer.

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