Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random words of kindness

It's been a tough week. A seemingly great friendship seems halted. I physically hurt (bad shoulder). I am on complete overload at work.

Tonight I came out of the building in my wheelchair through the moving circular exit. It seems to amaze people that I do this, but it's all in the timing, and that way I avoid the "evil" blue buttons that auto-open the other doors and are no fun. The circle, and timing, are fun.

A driver was sitting there, waiting for some group, and he remarked at my timing. Then he came over to my car to try to help. To be honest, I thought he smelled like a cigarette and was going to cause the wheelchair to be put in the car in some strange way that would make it impossible to get out.

But he surprised me. "Can I help?" he said. I explained no, then the chair ends up in the wrong place. But he stood there, with me fearing he would grab something and "ruin" my process. But he didn't. He put the main part in--that's the part that really hurts my shoulder, and then he shut the trunk for me (also painful--heck, lots of pain now!).

Then he said "and some people think they have it rough..." So I thought yup, the people of Haiti have it rough now!

Then his final words--"I can tell you're a really sweet lady." He meant that. I got in my car and, though I told him thank you, thought several more thank yous as I exited and headed home. And those soft tears that followed came from remembering, again, how there are random strangers who appear and save the day with a few kind words, and they don't know how much those words meant today.

Thanks be to God for random words of kindness from random people we can meet along the way.

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