Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This week I've thought a lot about Haiti and how to help, I can give money, and that's about it. Then I can sit and look at the horrific images courtesy of our media.

Today on the radio I heard someone from Frisco, CO talk about his experience. He was in Haiti as part of a faith-based organization and got stuck with 5 others from the group in a hotel for 55 hours. He is home now. Two of his friends didn't make it. He talked about how they prayed, that God didn't help 2 of his friends. But, he said, he looked at it from the standpoint that God had given him the gift of life. For that he is grateful. With that in mind I realized yes, it's horrific, but I have the gift of my life now to live.

And so tomorrow Lori, my daughter, and I head out past Frisco to Breckenridge, to ski. We'll start the drive and Lori will notice the cross on the side of the mountain and get very excited. Then we'll climb, climb, climb as the sun comes up. The sun will be up and we'll reach the top--the Eisenhower tunnel.

As we leave the tunnel will be the stunning view of the mountains. I'll turn on the CD to the song from Charlie about not realizing how far we've come, and again I'll look out to the snowy mountains, headed to the slopes, to the outside, where I love to be, and I'll be reminded how far I've come. As we head into Breckenridge, I'll turn on another song which reminds me of my friend Jean Ann and inspires me to drop some of the fear that prevents me from being a better skier. And I'll see those slopes that seem to shine.

After seeing friends at the ski office, off to the slopes. The world at home will disappear for awhile--the stresses that are there. And in a sense, I'll fly. And I'll be thankful for the gift of being able to do this.

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