Monday, December 29, 2008

Where did you find Jesus this week?

I read that question on another blog. Where have I found Jesus? Now that I look, now that Advent is over and I pause (I should have paused DURING Advent), here is where Jesus was and is--everywhere.

- when I was sick, telling me to rest
- when I was skiing, telling me I was doing too much
- when I was taking a day at a time, wanting me to pause instead
- when I want to say yes, to learn to say no, or not now
- as I've been thinking about wanting more time to write
- when I think of my mom
- just now, when I was sitting here and "How can I keep from singing" came on
- as I now go to bed, with those final thoughts before I drift to sleep

Where is Jesus for you? Do you feel it? I do.

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