Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holding things together, one day, one person at a time

It's that holiday time, when everything seems about ready to be out of control, and each year I try to get through it all, and wonder if people realize how difficult it is for people with MS ? Then throw in those _people_, and there's this lovely wonder of trying to hold it all together. And this is Advent, a time when things should not be so chaotic, and yet they are, especially this year.

For the fun part--the _people_. I have to wonder what goes through the minds of people--do people think at all before they just let things fly out of their mouth? So many examples, but I'll just take today. I was volunteering at my daughter's school. It would be my hope that in so doing, people would see someone with a disability as a person. Instead they just say the stupidest things. Today out of the blue someone who I don't know, rather than saying hello, said "Is it hard to move that wheelchair through ice?" Hmm...let's think about that! Then, no hello, but "you should get an electric one of those" from a different person. I think I could write a book with all the comments I've received! Manual, or non-electric wheelchairs, are for people who have enough arm strength as well as ab strength. They are also less expensive. Electric wheelchairs--well, just leave it at they are costly, one needs a different vehicle than what I have, and more. Ugh. I really do people think you pick up these mobility devices at Walgreens, maybe with the drivethrough option!

Back to a day at a time. Every day it seems I have some extra activity. I work full-time. And there is so much to do. So I try to take it day by day,wondering what others do who have MS. I get to my house, walk up the steps, and wonder how I will go to the bathroom, feed the cat, give Lori a snack, and get myself something to eat? Since the me, eating thing comes last, there's no energy left. Today I sat on the bench (I don't use a wheelchair at home) post other stuff. Sitting there, I realized I forgot to get medicine for Lori, but then she decided she wasn't really sick--ok... So, I had the loaf of plain wheat bread. And I had Lori with new books waiting to be read. So I had some bread, then we read the book, then back to the bread. Wheat bread with nothing on it is really not that good.

Made it through today. Tomorrow I hope will be better. And the next, and the next. One day at a time in this season of Advent where I wish I had time to reflect, and instead I'm rushing around like everyone else, because my mind will not slow down.


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Clare said...

I understand totally. Not enough time , not enough energy etc etc.
I found myself quite grumpy at late and I have prayed for the Lord to strengthen me mentally and spiritually.
I have also had some some strange comments reguarding my health.
I use a manual wheelchair at times , as sensation comes and goes below the waiste.
I have comments like -you dont look ill, your coping well, that wheelchair must make life easier etc.. Sighs if they knew what was going on inside me ..
I have to admit since giving up work(i took medical retirment) life is more my pace and a little easier.
Will be thinking about you , keep going, keep smiling and enjoy the Christmas season if you can.